Broken (The Carnelyan Pack Series #1) by Ascentii Phoenix

Abandoned by her mother and left behind by her father, Evangelyc struggled to survive the two things that plagued her existence: her curse and the sadistic boyfriend she once called her hero. When a series of events put her life in jeopardy, Eva finds herself facing a past she would rather leave buried and a future that forces her to face who she truly is.
After the tragedy of his past and the misfortunes of his present, Kaleb decided it was time to close himself off and dedicate himself to one cause: the battle between lycan species and the annyhylators. That is, until Eva walked into his world and threatens to break his resolve.
Will they confront their pasts, so they might have a chance to become each other’s future?

I’m not sure how I felt about Broken. I liked the story line. The characters were likeable and the mythology behind Ascentii Phoenix’s shifting world was unique enough. So what kept me from enjoying it more? There were just times that the language slowed me down.

I’m not sure I can explain exactly what I mean, but I’ll try. I think what threw me the most was the terminology that was used to explain the aspects of The Carnelyan Pack world. The terms were kind of technical and formal, which made it awkward to follow. Of course, that could have been just me. The romance, action, mystery and story premise were more than interesting and kept me from turning this into a DNF experience. It also ended in enough of a cliff hanger that I’m willing to give the next book a chance when it’s released.

I received Broken as a free download from Amazon on September 22, 2012.

By creativedeeds