Let’s Talk! (Week #1 – 11/2/12)

Yay! Welcome to the very first Let’s Talk! discussion meme hosted by Smash & Kt. I’ve been looking forward to this. I totally missed Let’s Talk! when Melissa hosted it, which is sad, but I’m totally excited that someone else decided to pick it up. Here’s what Smash and Kt have to tell us about the weekly meme.

Welcome to the Let’s Talk weekly discussion meme!

Originally hosted by Melissa from i swim for oceans, Smash & Kt took her original inspiration, and made it their own, expanding it to more than just books. Let’s get personal (but respectfully so) and learn more about one another!  Each week, a different question will be posted along with a place to link up your posts and visit other people’s responses. This meme is definitely meant to bring out conversation and meet new people. So, Let’s Talk!

And here’s Today’s Question:

Be honest, do you ever get embarrassed by some of the posts from when you first started blogging due to the lessor quality? Yes, growth and experience is natural, but do you ever get the urge to go back and “fix” things?

Well, duh! Sometimes I’m embarrassed by something I posted last week, forget about a year ago! I honestly think that’s the nature of the beast though. Book Bloggers as a whole aren’t published authors (some of you are though… but the majority of us aren’t) yet we are all writers in one form or another. Just as the published authors that we follow improve their craft, we do the same. We can’t help but improve (at least I hope I’ve improved.) When I started my blog it was a test just to see if anyone would actually stop by and take interest in anything I had to say. I also had major writer envy and knew odds were I would never actually write a book or be brave enough to put myself ‘out there’ to that extent. Now I find that I not only have ‘author envy’ I also have ‘blogger envy.’ There are so many of you out there that are so much better at this than I am. A year in and I still feel like I’m stumbling along, but I’ve gotten better at it, at least I’d like to think that I have. I think finding your ‘voice’ is the hardest part. Once you relax and let your personality come through your posts you’re getting closer to nailing it. As for going back and ‘fixing’ things? I actually have. *blush* Nothing major, mostly grammatical (and before you run back and check, I’m sure there are lots more that I haven’t found yet.) I just can’t help it, but I don’t change content or my opinion on what I previously wrote. Even if those things change, it’s where my head was then and sometimes it’s good to go back and see where you were at a certain time.

By creativedeeds