A Wallflower Event -Part 4 & Epilogue

Well, this is the last set of discussion questions for The Wall Flower Event. Today’s discussion questions refer to Part 4 & the Epilogue. This turned out to be a much more emotional read than I expected. It was hard to read at times, but I’m very glad that I finally got around to it. Now for the questions:

When Patrick is depressed over his break up with Brad he becomes self-destructive. How do you feel about the way Charlie deals with him?

I think he obviously could have handled it better, but he was desperate to help him any way he could. It would be hard to get mad at him for that. He also went through all that time without Patrick and Sam in his life and I think even beyond trying to help Patrick feel better he just needed to be needed by them. He was trying to be a good friend and didn’t even consider the consequences.

What do you think of Bill’s last words to Charlie?

Bill’s relationship with Charlie was so great. I’m glad it stayed that way and I’m glad that he noticed how special he was. Not only that, but he realized that he may have been the only one to actually tell him what he needed to hear. It made the perfect impression on him I think. Positive role models outside of a teens family are important. Even great parents don’t always say positive things often enough.

What do you think about Sam’s conversation with Charlie on her last night in town?

I liked her ‘talk’ with him. It couldn’t have come sooner, but I kind of wish it would have. I think that with Charlie, she had to be blunt. Totally spell it out and let him know exactly what he did and didn’t need to do. Regardless of how crazy and sometimes wild Sam and Patrick were, I still think that they were good for Charlie. They still impressed me with how they accepted him regardless because it was obvious how others couldn’t see beyond his quietness and awkwardness.

Did the ending surprise you, or did you see it coming?

Okay, I have to admit that my daughter told me what happened. That, unfortunately occurs quite frequently around here. It still didn’t spoil it for me though and I think that I might have picked up on it regardless. Some of it still surprised me though, but it also answered a lot of questions about why Charlie was the way he was. It also makes me wonder about some of the negative reviews that I’ve read. It pretty much tells me that there is no way that they could have read the entire book or they would have understood a lot more about they book than they obviously did.



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