Fairy Blues by J.L. Bryan

The sequel to Fairy Metal Thunder.

With their enchanted instruments charming the crowds, the Assorted Zebras attract interest from record producers, and soon they’re off to cut their first album and music video. Jason and his friends don’t know they’ve just become pawns in a sinister plot by a cabal of evil fairies…

Meanwhile, Aoide and her band pursue a new strategy for regaining their stolen instruments, one that will take them into the most haunted region in Faerie.

Okay, you know how when you get to the end of the first book in a series and you want more, but you also have memories of the second book in a series not living up to the first? Well, there’s no need to have that fear when you pick up Fairy Blues. J.L. Bryan’s second book in his Songs of Magic Series. That’s because Fairy Blues is just as good, if not better! In Fairy Metal Thunder we were given the premise and introduced to all the characters. In Fairy Blues those characters found their ‘voice’ and ran with it. That in itself made this second book just as much fun to read as the first.

Believe it or not, Jason and his friends find even more ways to get in trouble in this installment. The bad guys grow in number, we get to know some of the fairies even better and new characters are introduced. All of this keeps the pages turning but even better than all of that, the cast of characters gain more depth and personality. Like I mentioned before, they find their ‘voice.’ There’s really no better way to put it.

On a side note, I think that one of my favorite new characters full of ‘snark’ has got to be Grizlemor the goblin. He was a simply annoying character in Fairy Metal Thunder, but in Fairy Blues he was hilarious.

Even though this is a book and series that is obviously geared toward younger teens, it was still entertaining for this ‘older’ adult. The teens do stupid, impetuous things, but isn’t that what teens do? It was simply a fun read and everyone needs one of those every now and then. I can’t wait to see what J.L. Bryan has in store for the Assorted Zebras in the next installment of the Songs of Magic Series. Hopefully he won’t make us wait too long to find out. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to offer a giveaway of Fairy Metal Thunder, thanks to the generosity of J.L Bryan. I love sharing book love!


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