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Because I had no idea how involved this blog would be when I started it, I didn’t take a lot of time to worry or even think about organization. Now that I have been officially reviewing books on a regular basis for 4 months now, things have kind of gotten out of hand. In the next couple of days I will be moving things around and giving each one of my reviews their own post. I know, that would have been the logical thing to do in the first place, but I honestly had no idea I would be writing this many reviews. It’s nothing compared to most of my fellow bloggers, but before it gets too out of hand I decided I better do something about it. So please bear with me. I’ll try to do only a couple at a time so I don’t annoy everyone too much with my updates. 🙂

By creativedeeds

Wild Child by Mike Wells

Description: Briana Fox is the wildest girl in school. She and Kyle have been close for a long time…almost lovers. Kyle is afraid that if he pushes her, he’ll have his heart broken and lose his best friend. When Briana discovers a mysterious “power drug” in a cave, two government agents are desperate to find the source and turn Briana into a human experiment. Will Kyle risk everything to protect his love?

Mike Wells did a great job of packing so much action into such a quick read. Brie and Kyle were great main characters and my only complaint is that I wanted to know more. I will definitely read any sequels written for this book. If you like total twists when it comes to endings and you have a couple of hours to kill, this is the book for you. Trust me, once you start reading, you won’t want to put it down until you see how it ends.

Incredible by Jason Letts

Description: After a single mistake threatens to separate Nathan and Apoxy forever, the star-crossed pair must find a way to beat back their own looming mortality.

Like many others who started this series, I was trying to find more from Amanda Hocking. So glad I stumbled upon this trilogy in my search.
The subject is unique and Jason has a way of drawing you into the story so you begin to feel the emotions of his characters. In each book I found places that made me laugh out loud and also shed a few tears.
Although there were places where I got really frustrated with the actions of some of the characters and some of the loose ends seemed to be tied up a little too neatly by the end, it was a series that was well worth reading.
If you start with Inevitable, you will definitely want to continue with the rest. You won’t be sorry and you will walk away happy that you took the time to get to know Apoxy, Nathan and Cammie.

The Powerless Series (Omnibus, Books 1-3) by Jason Letts

Description: The first three books of the five book Powerless series are now available in this special omnibus edition!

In a world where everyone has a unique, magical power, the only girl without one must find a way to bring her family together. Mira Ipswich couldn’t have ever known the startling difference that separates her from the rest of humanity. But when she discovers a strange anomaly in the midst of her seclusion, her parents are forced to reveal she exists in a world where everyone is imbued with a wondrous natural gift. Everyone except herself that is. As this naïve, headstrong girl attempts to understand her inconceivable condition and fit in with peers, she becomes embroiled with the dangerous forces that threaten her homeland.

The first three books in this tale of discovery and excitement are available now. In The Synthesis, Mira struggles over how to achieve her ambitious goals while being hopelessly different. In The Shadowing, she and her friends take on mentors who offer them disturbing truths about the world they live in. And in the newly released third book, The Stasis, this small group of teens must set off for the warfront and the confrontation that has awaited them their entire lives. The danger and intensity grow exponentially, and only the strength of their friendships will determine if they persevere.

I became a fan of Jason Letts when I read his Inevitable series. He has a great imagination and creates wonderfully unique worlds that are very easy to get caught up in.
I have to admit that it took me a while to get into the pace of these books, but once I did, I wasn’t sorry that I continued reading.
Mira is a very complex character. Because her parents kept her isolated as a child, she finds herself as an outsider in a group of friends that have been together since they were very young. Her parents were trying to protect her because she is the only one in their world that wasn’t born with a special power. Each book in this 3 book series gives Mira a new challenge to face and overcome. She doesn’t always handle herself with grace or tact, but what teenager does? Through all of her many trials she learns some important life lessons and gains strength that she didn’t know that she had.
There are still 2 more books in the series. I haven’t read them yet, but when I got to the end of this 3 book series I knew that I had to find out how Mira and her friends continue their battle.
All of the characters in this series are so well developed and experience such deep hardship that it isn’t hard to sympathize with all of them, even the ones you really thought you were supposed to despise.
If you like adventure, fantasy, science fiction with a lot of action and some surprising twists, don’t miss this series.

The Hunt by Heather Killough-Walden

Description: Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty years of his supernaturally long life. Just when he gives up hope of ever knowing the taste of freedom again, he is unwittingly rescued by the very same woman who only wants to see him dead. Katherine Dare – Kat – is smart, fast, strong and beautiful – but unfortunately she’s a Hunter, and she’s convinced that Byron murdered her father twenty years ago.

She’s also Byron’s dormant.

As supernatural war breaks out amongst the otherworldly of Earth and threatens the existence of entire races, Kat is faced with a terrible decision. Should she give up her cause and believe Caige when he professes his innocence? Or should she fight him and possibly avenge her father’s taken life – even while she forfeits her own?

The Hunt is the fourth and evidently final, book in Heather Killough-Walden’s New York Times bestselling Big Bad Wolf series.

I have read all of the BBW series and have fallen in love with the world that Heather has created for her wolves and other super natural beings.
The strength of the characters, the pain, doubt and tribulations that they have to endure make the characters real and most of them carry on from book to book. Each one centers around a specific couple, but since the wolves make up one large family you get little tidbits from each of the previous couples which tie into the current story nicely.
Although each story has the same basic premise, (how will the alpha male claim his mate?) the journey that the individual couples go through to obtain that goal is what makes each story unique.
The Hunt is one of my favorites so far. I suppose it may have been because of all the extra internal battles that were going on between everyone involved. Byron and Kat had more obstacles than any other couple in the BBW series. They both had very tortured and tormented souls. Not that the other couples hadn’t been through a lot, but the fact that Kat actually thought that her pain and suffering had been caused by Byron made you wonder from the beginning how they could ever get past it.
It was nice to see all the twists, turns and surprises that Heather had in store for all the previous characters in The Hunt. I also love the way she has of making you actually love a character that you never thought you would want to. There are a lot of Wow! moments in this one and yes, the steamy scenes are there as well, but they are added bits of spice, not the central theme of the story – they are worth waiting for though 🙂 There are also heart wrenching moments along with comical ones that take you by surprise. This one was a hard one for me to put down. I kept thinking that I would read one more chapter and when I got through that one I couldn’t stop.
These books aren’t for everyone, but those of us who have grown to love these characters will not be disappointed in The Hunt.